Defiant Child Behavior problems Right now, James Lehman is offering The Total Transformation for FREE* all you need to do is provide feedback on this great program. If you are struggling with a child or children that is disrespectful and abusive or constantly arguing, this could be the perfect program for you.

This program will teach you techniques that lets you put the structure in place to help your child solve problems without the bullying, conflict or abusive behavior. This program is all about problem solving and teaching your child responsibility.

*To get your free program, you simply sign up on their website, pay the shipping and handling and the first payment (this is to ensure that you will follow through on providing feedback). Mail back your completed feedback within 90 days and you will receive a check for the full price that you paid (minus shipping and handling).

Here is what other parents had to say:

“There hasn’t been anything else I’ve ever done in parenthood that has given me close to the results that this has. It’s simple to follow, easy to do, and you’re going to get immediate results.”

- J.O.

Your program was invaluable in helping us guide our troubled teenager through her problems. I really wish we had had that information when our older children were growing!